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IT Services You Can Trust

Our mission is to identify market needs and achieve customer satisfaction through continual innovative use of technology and excellent service. 


What We Do

Laptop Repair / Desktop Repair

Our mission is to identify market needs and achieve customer satisfaction through continual innovative use of technology and excellent service. 

Virus and Spyware Removal

Strange popups or browser redirects could be a sign you have and unwanted guest on your computer, don’t risk your data let us profesionally remove it and secure your computer.

Data Recovery & Backup Plan

Worried about how secure your data is? Let us tailor a backup procedure for you so you can be safe your data is backed up and safe.

Network Design

WiFi issues or network dropouts? Not an issue let us design and install a stable and robust network to handle your current and future needs, using the latest mesh technolgies.

Web Design & Hosting

Responsive website design and hosting services. Modern websites are essential these days and sometimes a requirement for SEO, so if you want to be found on Google let us help you.

System Design & Bulding

Need a top performance gaming PC or a tiny custom build within your space limitations? Let us design your perfect computer system.


Professional IT Services & Technology Consulting

With people experienced in both business and technology we put the jargon into plain language, get you to ask questions and help you get a clear picture of your situation.

As your IT provider we go beyond just supplying the goods and services. We will show you how to use the technology, building on your existing knowledge, to achieve results above and beyond your expectations.

We offer a range of services that can be individually tailored to meet your needs, from complex IT issues through to everyday IT support.

We Create Fully Connected Systems So You Can Focus On Your Business

IT Sytems should make your life easy, often we make excuses for these systems and let them rule our productivity. At Miracle Computing we leverage these systems for your advantage and make them work for you.

Five Elements. One Mission.

Combining these elements we make your IT Systems work for your increasing productivity through the innovative use of technology, excellent service. 







What People Are Saying

Have been using Ben’s IT services and advice for over 10 years. Always professional, very helpful and listened to my IT needs. Highly recommend his services! I’ve lost count how many parts / pc’s I have purchased from Ben over the past decade. No issues what so ever.

Reichter Aguilar

TR Australia

Ben has been instrumental in resolving any IT issues we have had over the last decade. He’s dependable and a trusted advisor that I’ve put on to others searching for IT consultations to get things done and problems remedied. I can’t recommend him highly enough for any tech related issue big or small.

Abe Sharma

Highly recommend. I’ve had Ben do a couple of jobs for me over the years and I could not have been happier. Ben tells me exactly what I need (without all the technical jargon) and supplies it at a fair and reasonable price. But, what I really like is his after sales support. Always happy to help and very accommodating. If you are sick of IT companies over selling you equipment (that you don’t need) and providing a complete lack of support then give Ben a call. He just makes it all so easy.

Grant Carmichael

Long-term customer. We make the call, and Ben comes running to fix whatever IT mystery is there to be solved. Talks in plain English, not tech-speak. Our office thinks Ben is the best.


David Lee

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